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Strategisk marknadsföring, positionering och produktkoncept för den europeiska marknaden.

Sedan 2014 är vi ansvariga för Stigas marknadsföring på hela den europeiska marknaden. Vi arbetar med allt från övergripande varumärkesstrategier på internationell nivå ner till enskilda produktlanseringar.

Being a PRO

We know you’re out there, every day. Tirelessly doing your job. You notice every little detail and make sure the result is always perfect, whatever the circumstances. Whatever the weather. That’s what it’s like to be a Pro. Allow us to introduce STIGA Pro – our range of professional products. Designed for the most demanding situations, the ultimate performance, improved ergonomics and greater economy. STIGA Pro’s solutions have been specially developed with the total cost of ownership in mind. They are powerful yet reasonably priced, cost-effective yet invaluable.

Made for pros. For you.

Changing forever the way you look at battery-powered mowers

A new age of lawn mowing has begun. A new era where you no longer have to compromise. The perfect cutting result, the large steel deck, the ergonomics, centralized adjustments and traction option – it´s all still the same. The difference is that you also get the advantages of the powerful 80V battery – no maintenance, no carbon emissions, utmost comfort, lower noise levels and greatly reduced vibrations. Who said you can’t have it all? Challenge your beliefs and step in to the new age of lawn mowing – The VoltAge.

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