Ciao Ciao


In an era of consumption, the start-up Ciao Ciao carsharing found an opening on the car market as they wanted to contribute to a more sustainable way of car use. With the idea of a peer-to-peer carsharing service, where individuals would put their cars up for rent and allow others to use it, they wanted to improve the static market into a circular movement. Our mission was to turn their innovative service into a brand.


We found that the targeted users all had different concerns, but shared a common interest in time-saving, adaptability and functional everyday life. To attract them all, we had to highlight the freedom of the service and communicate an uncomplicated way of using it. To state the fact that Ciao Ciao would not only fit in their busy lifestyle, but it could also facilitate it.


We wanted Ciao Ciao to be the opposite of a traditional car renting service. Paperwork, forms, and phone calls got replaced by simple regulators and a mobile graphic manner to promote the ease-of-use and enhance easy interaction. The identity was designed to suit the website and application perfectly, with the purpose to make the user feel that renting a car is almost too easy.

A Seamless Illusion

The cylinder-shaped logo is a metaphor for the circular movement that Ciaociao wishes to encourage. In motion, it creates an illusion: just when you’ve got the mind-twisting rotation figured out – it changes direction. The letters form an impossible figure that’s always readable regardless of direction.

A system of motion

The movement became the core of the identity, with mobility that adds to distinguishing and differentiate the brand on digital platforms.