This is where we store the overflow of our creativity, as branded products and visual ideas that came to life when our minds got to roam free. This makes them sort of wacky, but more importantly never boring. If you’re interested, they are all looking for a new owner. Let us know if you find anything. We’ll hook you up with a good deal.


    Floopie Fruitjuice

    The mesmerizing esthetics that’s used to appeal to kids seems to be owned by unhealthy products loaded with sugar. We figured: why shouldn't juice filled with beetroot, carrot, or spinach be the ones dressed to make our kids drool? Presenting Floopie! the magical narwhal and his very own fruitjuice. An ace up your sleeve for every parent who wish to trick their kids into actually asking for a healthy beverage. This concept is available! Do you have a product to fit our costume? Get in touch with Victoria Tjäder.

      Twelve levels hotel

      This visual experiment was originally intended for a meeting spot and flagship building. The recognizable architecture was transformed into graphics to create a captivating digital representation. Blueprints of each floor was traced to create a bespoke wireframe model. By rotating the model we generated a dynamic pattern customizable for any surface. Twelve levels hotel is of course a pseudonym for an unpublished project.


        On July 1, 2018, the new form of consent came in force in Sweden. Samlagboken is a book and a concept that communicates the concrete meanings of the new law form in an accessible way.


        The generator is a service developed for every business in the kassler industry. With the Kasslergenerator, you will get the customer interacting with your brand when they randomly get kassler for dinner proposals every day. We guarantee that your sales will increase by 125%. Find a recipe today at


        Kärv is a design suggestion for a beverage out of the ordinary. With a sharp note that may not please everyone's taste.