Follow these five easy steps and you'll never be boring again! Everyone will stand with jaws dropped, gazing upon you with awe. Finally, you will get that promotion you always deserved. Pinky promise! Truth be told, someone claiming to have a magical formula for business success is usually a cue to start looking for the closest exit. But anyway, here's our philosophy. And we're sticking to it.



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A fabulous idea for one customer could be the worst for another. As we have stated before, there is no one size fits all when it comes to brands. That’s why we approach a new brand with the curiosity of a lovestruck teenager. We’ll ask enough questions to make your ears bleed, text you until you fall asleep, and spam you until you block us on Facebook. Really, we must know everything; the good things, the bad things, and all that’s in between. Because when your data becomes our data, it enables us to find the problems to solve, goals to achieve and ways to get there. And if the data doesn’t exist, we’ll help you find it.


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When we know who we’re talking to, we need to explore their world. That means taking a deep dive into their culture, to understand the context and play by the rules. What do they like? What do they not like? Do they prefer pizza or pasta? Or are they gluten intolerant? In concrete, it means keeping track of trends, events, and movements that might have an impact on their life. To figure out how to be a part of their culture instead of interfering with it.


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”Do not disturb my circles” - the last words of Archimedes
”Do not spam my instafeed” - @MissHanna82

Times change but one thing stays the same: everyone hates being interrupted. Every successful brand has mastered the skill of telling a story, instead of spamming information. The key is finding a way to talk that not only will make people accept it, but actually enjoy it. Looking at your brand as a distributor of very important company information won’t get you far. A better idea could be to start behaving like a likable human; you know, like someone who can talk about other things than themselves. As someone who can influence you, make you question things - or just contemplate the great things of life in general.


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Imagine walking through a stable, passing nine horses and one zebra. Which one will you remember? To cope with the thousands of messages calling out to us every day, our brain usually runs on autopilot. Until something is different. Then our brain freezes and goes ”Hey, I’ve never seen that before… What is it? Is it dangerous? Can I eat it? Is it an awesome social media-ad that will totally make me change my brand of breakfast cereal?”. Long story short, standing out from the crowd is a great way to get more attention than you’re paying for.


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In the end, it all comes down to business. And we’re convinced that this philosophy helps us grow it bigger. Now we did tell you that there is no magic formula for success, and that’s right, there’s not. But we can at least promise this won't make you boring.