Frisk Sport & Fitness is a gym and fitness center where hard work, sweat, and dedication is what matters. They wanted to attract more people with goals and visions similar to theirs, to increase the number of members and recruit more reliable customers. But if this target group wasn’t to be found at any gym, where could we find them? And how could we reach the right people with the right mindset?


Marketing for gyms or fitness centers usually portray people who are already in great shape, performing hard workouts without even breaking a sweat. In other words, lying to the customer by displaying a fake image of what a workout is. By being honest with the target group - and showing them that real results require hard work, time and effort - we figured we could reduce their disappointment. And by doing that, encourage more customers to stay at Frisk.


To send out this message in a more significant way, we created the challenge “Betongkupong”. We brought the campaign to the one common area where we figured we would find the fighting spirits - nature. Alongside running trails and in other spots for outdoor activity, we placed free workout coupons made of 150 kilos of concrete. Those who were strong-minded and persistent enough to bring the concrete-coupon to Frisk got rewarded with a whole year of free membership.