Grön Betong


Wilzéns has set out to become the most sustainable construction company in Östergötland. As part of this they have chosen to switch to green concrete, a more climate-friendly option to regular concrete. The challenge was to communicate this change in a fun yet forceful way, while we continue to strengthen the image of Wilzéns as a bold and valued player among other construction companies.


Concrete is one of the world's most widely used building materials. It’s also one of the largest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions today. The fact that Wilzéns use green concrete, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, proves that they take their environmental obligations serious.


Through a custom-made 3D-solution we visualize Wilzéns experience and competence with tiny figurines representing the workers of Wilzéns. By bringing actual people from Wilzéns in the film and letting them work their way around a big block of concrete, we get a clear connection to who’s talking and why. To expand and strengthen the digital campaign, outdoors units based on the film were also created.