Kvinnojouren Ellinor is a women’s aid organization that offers help to women who have been subjected to violence in close relationships. Ellinor wanted to raise awareness of the issue in Östergötland, to get people’s attention and hopefully encourage more women to ask for help.


One out of four women has experienced violence in close relationships. That’s far more than it seems to the outside world. A lot of women avoid help and cover up the problem to protect themselves. It’s not unusual that close ones stand clueless to the situation when it gets exposed. We realized that it was most important to find the right channel, to be able to reach out to those hiding women. And from this, we got fixed on the insight that people often consume media by just watching, and not listening.


To show what violence in close relationships looks like behind closed doors, we portrayed such a situation in a movie specifically created to share on Facebook. Knowing that videos start automatically without any sound on when shared on Facebook, we saw the possibility to create two different experiences depending on whether the viewer put the sound on or not. Which became a way to show that everything isn’t always what it appears to be.


By turning the great challenge with a Facebook video to our advantage, we managed to reach 2,5 million swedes and get 15 000 shares, with an uncomfortable aha-experience.