Locker Room Talk


Locker Room Talk is a non-profit organization on a mission to change the toxic environment within locker rooms by educating young boys about equality and good manners. But educating boys from age 10 to 14 can be quite challenging. Also, since this behavior is taking place behind locked doors, most parents aren't aware of how bad it really can be. And if the issue doesn't exist to them, how are they supposed to prevent their kids from taking part?


These kids won't listen to someone giving them a lesson in morals. We need to approach them on their terms. Show them that we understand and communicate as if we were one of them. If we appear to them as the "cool kid" instead of a stiff teacher talking over their heads, they might give us a chance at leading them. But we also need to find visual elements that tend to parents and other adults that operate around the teams.


We turned the visual appearance of LRT into cocky, bold, and trendsetting. With a bright neon orange as the primary color, grungy typography, and imagery with an attitude, we want to grab kids' attention. Once having it, we can seize the moment to educate them. But the identity also holds an important message. By displaying abusive words from locker room talk, along with solemn photos of young boys, we hope to communicate the need for change to the public.

    Type treatments

    We’ve enhanced censored Swedish cursors through grunge-like typographic treatment. For some profound reason, this kind of harsh language gets accepted inside the walls of locker rooms. But as soon as we expose them in another context, it becomes obvious how harsh the environment boys are being raised in actually can be.


    The boys and men we portrait all have a commitment in putting an end to the issue that surrounds them. Dramatic lighting highlights the already heavy message. The images are duplicated with a duotone copy; a graphic manner increasing brand recognition by adapting the primary orange colour.