Moms and Dads Wanted for Tech Jobs


Many regions in Sweden compete over the same tech talent and the competition is tough. As a result, not enough tech talents are attracted to come work in East Sweden.


A large group of highly competent senior engineers are often overlooked when recruiting tech talent – parents of young children. This is a group with big potential but that for various reasons often seems to be forgotten or deprioritized.


To attract parents to the region, we must show how East Sweden understand the parents’ situation and needs. But also see great value in their role as a parent. Through the campaign we address them directly as moms and dads together with relatable images that show the real and unpolished reality of being a parent.

Job ads

As part of the campaign, actual job ads were created that in a humorous way show the parallels between professional skills and parenting skills. By using situations and words that speak directly to the parents, we were able to highlight the important balance between private life and working life.