Restaurang Jord


To build a business on sustainability is not a unique approach as of today. But few go those extra miles that restaurant Jord does. With a concept built on a genuine symbiosis with nature, they hunt pretty much all of their meat themselves, and the majority raw ingredients are locally grown. This is what we were to capture when we got assigned to create Jord’s visual identity, to position them as an exclusive fine dining restaurant that honors the wild.


To encapsulate the extraordinary factors of self-hunting and harvesting, we wanted to bring the ambient environment into the restaurant, not only on the plates but in the shapes of all visual elements. With restaurant Jord, we saw the opportunity to create a unique dining experience by enhancing the presence of nature.


The result is an identity built on nature’s unpredictable ways. The core consists of a graphic pattern, adjusted by hand down to the tiniest details to resemble organic growth. When you’re up close, it’s rough, irregular, and changeable. But from a distance, it comes together forming natural art. We wanted the identity not only to portray nature - but to act according to its laws.

Perfect imperfection

The root-like pattern was created with one single line, manually adjusted to achieve perfect imperfection.


      Old-fashioned craftsmanship was mixed with new, unconventional methods in an effort to reflect nature. Signs were etched in brass, cotton paper was foiled with gold and menu covers were created by the local bookbinder.