STIGA was about to launch a new line of battery-driven lawn mowers that were supposed to be advertised and put up for sale by the summer. There are many advantages to battery-driven products, among them the lack of noise and not having to handle any oil or gasoline. But the disadvantage of lawn mowers is that it’s a product of low interest. To attract interest and gain attention, we needed a point of entrance beyond the products.


Lawn mowing has strong associations with Swedish summer. The smell of freshly cut grass. The comforting noise of a low-key drone from a mower engine. That ice-cold drink after a sweaty mowing session. We realized that none of those things will exist with the new battery line. With all the benefits of a battery-driven lawn mower, there will be no more droning engines, no scent of gasoline, no more clothes dripping of sweat or dirt from oil. What if we would miss it?


As a tribute to those missing factors, we created the STIGA Vintage Lawn Mowing Collection. A collection to preserve the memories, that consists of T-shirts with grass stains, a Spotify album called Lawn mowing nostalgia, an Eau de Toilette smelling of Sweat & Gasoline, and not to forget the scented candle Exhaust. Put together, a nostalgic trip for buyers of the new battery-driven products.