Svenska Afghanistan Kommittén


The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, or SAK, experienced difficulties with their brand knowledge. Few people were aware of their organization, and the lack of credibility made it hard for SAK to spread information. To keep up the valuable work they do, they needed more support. And to achieve that, we had to increase awareness of the current situation in Afghanistan among Swedes.


In the world of charities, there’s constant competition for people’s attention, dedication, and donations. The most common way to achieve this is by telling a story or showing an exposed situation of a human in need, somewhere far away from the Swedish everyday life. But most people get emotionally numb by those kinds of messages and find it hard to relate to the problem. Because of it happening so far away from our reality, we easily use distance as an excuse to not commit to the cause.


By switching perspectives and placing ordinary situations from Afghanistan in Swedish contexts, we visualize what Sweden would look if we were forced to endure the same circumstances as people in Afghanistan. With no access to medication or clean water, with people escaping, children dying in warfare and a corrupt legal system. For many of us, living under these conditions is considered an impossibility. But in Afghanistan it’s everyday life.