One third of all food goes straight down the drain! An unsustainable behavior to say the least. Svinneriet is a new lunch restaurant that wants to show how good food can be made from ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. How do we create a restaurant concept that puts waste in the spotlight and encourages change?


Our unsustainable management of waste is old news. There are plenty of statistics and several stakeholders who have expressed concern for quite some time. In order not to become just one among many, we need to find an expression that distinguishes our message from those that already exist.


Our solution is an identity that positions the restaurant as a resistance to the reckless handling of waste. All brand assets act as a manifestation for raw materials that usually would go to waste. With an almost offensive tone of voice and a provocative expression, we wish to make the need for change more evident than ever.

    Dot matrix–study

    Expired “best-before” are one of the most common reasons for food being thrown away, this is where we found inspiration for the logo. A field study on best-before-dates was conducted to find a suitable construction for our wordmark.

      Imagery - food

      The imagery is characterized by flashes bouncing of stainless steel, rescued ingredients in bright colours and sauces flowing unhindered across the plate.

      Imagery - waste

      There are plenty of disgusting statistics about food waste. To make our absurd behaviour even more tangible, the everyday life of waste was portrayed in pictures.

        One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

        Making use of existing resources permeates the whole concept. The philosophy of svinneriet is expressed by pictograms that have been used in other contexts. Reused paper bags were collected for use at take away and existing interior was decorated using only stencils and spray paint.