The field of medical technology is developing at a rapid pace. In Östergötland, we are already at the forefront in areas such as visualization, AI, and material engineering. Now the three sectors healthcare, academics, and business has joined forces to create even better conditions. But in a world that is all about the progress of machines, we must never lose track of the humans behind it.


The communication for brands that produce high-tech innovations is often based on the actual properties of the products. But by building the communication around the purpose of the product instead, we can create something that tickles the mind of everyone – not just the tech nerds


Our solution is an identity that is all about enhancing the trace of man. An identity that portrays human warmth and highlights the connection between technology, its creator, and the end user.

Brand icon

By tracing an actual thermal image, we created a visualization of a human handprint serving as a brand icon. The icon exists in three different versions. Each version is slightly tweaked to ensure great legibility at each touchpoint from favicon to large display backgrounds.

Thermal imagery

With the use of a Flir T1030SC, infrared camera, we were able to capture HD-images showing the actual heat of a human body.

    Custom glyphs

    The tagline was created with custom alternative glyphs, highlighting the relationship between man and tech. The glyphs can seamlessly change shape when interacting in digital environments.


    All sectors involved were illustrated with brush-like strokes and animated frame by frame, making the “human-touch” as clear as possible.