When COVID-19 struck the world, businesses in Östergötland faced a new reality. Few people wanted to take the risk of visiting their favorite restaurant, which put a lot of companies on the brink of closing down.


We realized that the pandemic made people feel the call of the wild. The cities of Östergötland suddenly felt too crowded and people started going on day trips to the rural parts like never before, leaving the cafés and restaurants behind.

But people still needed to eat – so what did they bring on their trip? Well, usually something like a banana and cheese sandwich covered in plastic wrapping. Not a meal worthy of the majestic nature of Östergötland!


In collaboration with more than 70 local cafés and restaurants, we created ”Utflyktsmålet” – a custom made picnic-box which enabled every establishment to offer their own version of the perfect packed lunch. Anyone could now visit their favorite eatery and pick up a delicious meal to go.

We launched the box with a broad campaign using social media, PR and OOH to raise the status of the packed meal. Finally restaurants and cafés could benefit from the daytripping-trend, by offering people a delicious way to leave the depressing pandemic behind for a while.

Utflyktsmålet was covered in 15 local and national news articles. It also earned a 1.39 minute long segment in P4. This resulted in an estimated reach of 718 500 unique users and an earned media value of 467 400 SEK.

As the winner of the competition “Call to Swedish Creatives”, Utflyktsmålet was awarded 3000+ media spaces valued at 1 332 500 SEK.


The back and inside of the box showcased great places to enjoy the picnic in Östergötland. We made five different boxes, each with their own theme of destinations.


4300+ comments and likes were made on social media posts. In addition, 82 posts were created using the hashtag #utflyktsmålet by restaurants or picnickers .