Väsen i ögonvrån


Östergötland is full of deep and magical forests for tourists to explore. But even though this may feel like a unique feature, there are many other places in Sweden that claim the same. And it is difficult to convey what's so special about Östergötland's nature just by explaining or showing pictures.


If you’ve ever been in the deep forest, you understand that creeping feeling of being watched. The sense that you’re not alone and that someone, or something, is watching you from behind a tree or stone. But when you turn and look, there’s nothing there.


We wanted to transfer this feeling to one of the most crowded place we could think of – Stockholm Central Station. Using DOOH screens equipped with camera and face detection technology, we were able to build a new home for trolls, fairies, and other mythical creatures in the middle of the train station. Here they spend their days sneaking glances at passing commuters – but as soon as someone turns to look at them, they hide out of sight. Because Östergötland must be experienced.